N95 Mask

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N95 - Most commonly used for Flu or Influenza prevention, these masks are effective in helping to prevent the spread of Flu, swine flu and avian flu transmission from person to person. N95 masks are designed to fit over the nose and mouth of the wearer, and properly fitted can provide excellent protection.
  • Perfectly adapts to the face and effectively filters dust and protects your health.
  • Reliable quality and performance. Made of high quality cotton it offers the property of soft texture, nice material.
  • Design -  With the nasal bridge design, the mask is more flexible and adapts exactly to most adult male or female sizes and adapts to almost all face shapes.
  • Comfort - With highly elastic earrings, this protective mask fits perfectly from nose to chin. It is very easy and convenient to use all day without pain.
  • Face mask to protect against industrial dust, smoke, exhaust emissions and traffic dust.

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